Kenz 2014-31

Birth name: Mekenzie, but my peeps call me Kenzie. Registered Dietitian by trade, but a CrossFitter by heart, I’m just a girl with a passion trying to forge her way in this sick world. After years of eating food and doing exercise myself, I’ve made this my job. I’m on a serious mission help people feel better and look betterย  and LIVE better by eating the right types of foods in the rights amounts. I get pretty pumped up talking about it, but don’t let that weird you out. Aside from that, my life isn’t that entertaining, maybe not even blog worthy, but I like it. Plus, writing is cheaper than therapy. All I know is, the path less traveled is where da party at–the easy way out is for the faint of heart. There’s no such thing as a sure thing in this life. It’sย  about taking risks and believing in yourselfย  #faithgreaterthanfear
Some might say I’m missing a “filter,” but hopefully you can appreciate my honesty and laugh with me, not at me, as I share my thoughts and feelings on things I care about. Keepin’ it real. Always.


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