Seeing is Believing

This blog is comin straight at you from the WEST COAST, yall. That’s right – a true first for KR^2. As I sit people watching in an LAX terminal I recognize I’ve been blessed with time to kill…which is kind of epic in itself. I guess I have my hyper vigilant, slightly paranoid husband to thank for that. This dude believes if you aren’t 327 hours early, you’re late. I can love and appreciate this endearing trait until we are leaving at 5:30am for a 10am flight. Srsly bro? For the first time in my life I have visible bags under my eyes…needless to say we went 20 hard in Cali for the past six days. What’s messed up is it literally feels like it’s been three days. I guess the holy grail of fitness for time in real life has a way of blurring together and it’s like you completely black out from life for four days as you’re engulfed in the culmination of a year of competitive exercise coming to a head. For those that don’t know what I’m referencing here…I’m talking about THE Reebok CrossFit Games. Held once a year in Carson, California, this is like The Super Bowl, The World Series, or The Olympics (choose your preferred reference) of the sport of competitive CrossFit rolled into four days worth of workouts where, at the end of the weekend, they crown the fittest in the world. If it sounds whacked out…it’s because it is.

Of course those that participate in CrossFit of any fashion will appreciate this event more than others, however if it’s entertaining enough to make ESPN prime time broadcast, it must be legit, right? So you see it on TV and you think, “ These peeps be super fit. Shit! Just look at them!” or perhaps you’re more of the “Ew gross, look at her (amazing) traps…WOOF (damn, I’m jealous!)” Either way, you can tell there is obviously some legit preparation and training involved and it’s a sporting event of sorts. But it’s truly so much more. Especially if you have aspirations of competing in the sport- this is an experience I cannot underline more as EDUCATIONAL, MOTIVATIONAL and ADVANTAGEOUS in your journey.

At the cost of slight restlessness, sitting and watching the fittest people in the world throw down against each other all the while knowing there should be a jersey reading ‘Team Rollins’ and I should be wearing it, I still looked forward to spectating The Games this year…and I’ll tell you why.


I believe there is a certain advantage to surveying the situation. Being in the element, seeing how it all goes down, observing other competitor’s methods/strategies, and visualizing yourself in that position. To be at that level you have to know what that level is…and this is about as close to understanding it as it gets. Seeing these athletes as your FELLOW competitors, rather than super humans that leave you star struck and asking for autographs. Believing you can stand up to these same tasks and rise above the challenges just as well as those on the field. Talking to as many people as you can that are connected to the biggest community in fitness and getting networked with people that can help you become the athlete you want to be, whether it’s potential training partners, health professionals, or sponsors…you never know where a conversation will lead you in this environment. These are the things I had in the back of my mind as I walked through the gates of The Stub Hub Center last week.

image1 (2)

Yes it’s about supporting the sport I love and having a summer get away with my hubby, but it’s also a certain portion of training for me – part of my process in pursuing AND ACHIEVING my goals. I highly encourage anyone who wants to embark on the path of being a competitor (no matter what sport) to take in an event of high stakes- learn from the best and believe you can be the best! Seeing it go down makes it all that more of a reality. If nothing else it will light a raging fire within in you to push harder towards your goals….

Speaking of, is it time to work out yet? I feel like this impending jetlag will easily be remedied by a barbell…


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