I Never Lose…

There is a saying I have come to truly appreciate in this life…and it continues to ring true time after time.

Damn I love this.

If you know much about me or have followed this blog at all, it’s probably no secret to you that I am a person of large faith and little fear. I subscribe to a life of living out loud, jumping with both feet, and believing all things are possible. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean all endeavors are successful or that everything goes according to plan. In fact, 9 times out of 10 things DON’T go as planned. My life is a true testament to that; there’s no such thing as a sure thing. I won’t get on my soapbox about perspective and how “it’s all how you choose to look at it,” because I’ve tired that topic out already. I learned everything I know from Leslie Knope’s campaign Spin Team… #dreamjob.

One’s ability to keep your shit together, reassess, adapt and keep moving forward is truly a skill set. Handling setback, or “dramatic twists” as I prefer to call them (SPIN TEAM!), with grace and poise, finding silver linings, and playing off positives of the situation isn’t a God given tendency. Practicing positivity and “big picture thinking” regularly is the only way to hone this mentality.

That being said, I’m a woman filled with emotions and I can’t help but like to throw a raging pity party from time to time. What can I say, the feelz get me sometimes. The good news is, my parties are OFF DA CHAIN! Not sure if that’s good or bad in this situation, but hey, if you’re gonna go, go big! Amiright?!

So, a captain obvious move here, in regards to the pursuit of proving fitness, I think anyone reading this knows that happened at this year’s CrossFit Games regional event. Uncontrollable circumstances, unforeseen outcomes, and to be quite honest, shitty frustration and flat out anger in lacking power over any of the situation. Needless to expound on the devastation, I think anyone who’s ever been passionate or dedicated to anything know the amount of work and sacrifice it takes to be the best. Which is what Team Rollins was – proven through two days of competition at the Central Regional.

I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the foundation we laid as an emerging “team to watch”…the performance we displayed was top tier and we proved we can stand amongst the best. The tragedy and obstacles that have befallen us have been hard to accept, but by no means are keeping us down. We didn’t win, we didn’t lose…we have learned. Learned how to hold our heads high and keep moving forward with fire in our bellies. Needless to say, shits about to get real in 2016…

In conjunction with this downfall of the “fitness plan” I was banking on for the summer of 2015 (again, just so proves A SURE THING is a MYTH) some other less than ideal shifts have been made to accommodate the beauty that is life ever changing.

A door never closes without a window opening. Every experience we have, whether positive or negative, provides us a new opportunity to build upon.


Many changes on the horizon for my lifestyle in regards to my career as an entrepreneur, my career as a CrossFit athlete, my role as a supportive wife, my identity as an Illinois resident, and my being a child of God put on this planet to live life for the adventure that it is. Yall are gonna wanna stay tuned. Just when you thought “maybe this girl will finally take a seat and chill the eff out” …GUESS AGAIN!

Whether in business, on the playing field, under the roof of my home, behind the screen of this computer (I’ve GOT to get a handle on this entry schedule –insert wide eyed smiley emoji here-) … Never a fail, never a loss…always just learning, growing and evolving in all ways possible!


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