My Top 5…gym bag “GOTTA HAVE EMs”

Hobbies are great-life would be so boring without them. But be honest, how many hobbies are free? Quite honestly, I can’t think of a single one. Unless you count people watching…which is a brilliant way to pass time, but not sure you can consider that a hobby. I think at that point it’s considered stalking and transition from past time to criminal offense. But truly, whether its gardening, sports, quilting, fine alcohol connoisseur, or stamp collecting you are spending money in one way or another on something you really enjoy doing. And the industry knows we are greedy, materialistic fools and will spend money on the new, flashier, “better” products that they come out with, despite the fact that we DON’T NEED THEM! It’s just sick I tell you! SICK!

SO let’s talk about the money sucking monster called CrossFit. Rogue, Reebok, Progenex and Lululemon…do we need any of this? NOOO! Does it make us any fitter or better at what we do? NOOO! But it makes our asses look good while we do it, so that’s why we need it! OBVIOUSLY!

Okay so let me be more clear, there are definitely many several products out there that DO provide a competitive edge or enhance training to some degree. Depending upon the person and what their goats are their gear of choice may vary. I try not to need EVERYTHING out there and like to think I am selective on what I do “waste” my money on. Yet, my gym bag still manages to look like this mid workout…


Amidst this well organized mess lies my Top 5 Gym Bag “GOTTA HAVE EMs.” They are…

  1. Knee sleeves/knee pads, whatever you want to call them. When you start putting heavy weight on a barbell and dropping your ass to the ground these puppies can make your life a lot easier and make your knees feel a lot sturdier. A lot of brands exist, despite the fact that these TK ones give me quad muffin tops and I’m on my 4th pair in 2 years, they are the most supportive ones I’ve ever tried.
  2. Wrist wraps. There is just something about these that make me feel naked when I’m not wearing them. Building wrist strength is on my list of “To Dos” for 2015, but until that attains proficiency, wraps will adorn my wrists. Like the sleeves, these help you feel more secure when supporting heavy weight, especially when Olympic lifting when your rotating your wrists quickly.
  3. Ironically, I’m constantly lacking it. I always seem to be running out… use it too much apparently? This keeps my thumbs from being TOE UP! Hook gripping can really do a number on my dainty girl hands. A lot of people don’t use tape…they are hardasses. Cheap and easy to come by when your husband is head of the athletic department at his school, tape is a must when cycling a barbell!
  4. Weight belt. Maybe it’s just me and my “here to stay” back injury, but 70% is my cue for a weight belt to enter. A constant reminder to keep my core tight, my squats, cleans and snatches are much more strong feeling and looking when I slap this sucker on. The many leathers ones with the actual buckles on them are a bit much…I like the velcrowy colored ones J
  5. Not so much an issue now that its winter, but when it’s hot hot hot and the sweat starts a rollin’ you better believe that these accessories turn from fashionable to functional. A far cry from the stellar 80s style sweat bands, these beauties are fun while still serving a purpose-for both males and females. That right, I said MALES….DON’ T TRY TO ARGUE WITH THIS, BOYS!

My head is weird shaped or my hair is too slippery or something-I can’t wear the “infinity” style, unless they are FAT/WIDE sized. My Black Legion Bondi Band will always be my favie 🙂


How did I come up with this list? It goes like this…Since I REFUSE to pay for a checked bag when I fly, I am forced to shove all my gear in my carry on. With limited space you have to only take what you NEED. I find myself always bringing these items, when forced to choose. Sometimes I manage to fit my jump rope and I usually wear my Nanos. So, while you go out making your Christmas list of all the things you want/need, start here. From my experience all the rest is just clutter….seriously. Who wants to carry all this around?!


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