A Lil’ Q&A Sesh

I realize not everyone on earth does fitness for time. I also realize that not everyone that does does so in a competitive fashion. Honestly, that wasn’t my original intention…it’s just sorta how it’s played out. Hey, I aint mad about it.
But for those that have drank dat CrossFit Kool-aid, you know in some way it’s involved with whatever is on your brain and/or coming out of your mouth, roughly 75% of the time.

you've been warned! lol!

It’s crazy to think I’ve been doing this ish for a solid 2 years now, which by no means makes me a professional. However, with each competition I do and each article I read, each video I watch and each day that I train I feel I gain a little more knowledge on functional fitness. Experience is the best teacher, right?

So, when I do get around those that enjoy competing (as I was all weekend and literally as I type this) and do so regularly, these conversations arise that are obviously going to revolve around fitness and things related to it. And I get a lot of questions.Β  So, as I sit here filling the 3 hour gap between my events, I thought I would ponder some of the questions that people might wonder or I have been asked, specifically related to competing.

Q: Do you take pre-workout?
A: I used to…not so much anymore. I am extremely sensitive to stimulant. Like, if I drink more than a half a cup of coffee I feel like I’m going into cardiac arrest. If I do take it, one scoop of if will literally last me all day. I’ll take a few swigs before each WOD. However, I like to sleep at night so I try and get high off life, not pre workout.

Q: What do you eat when in competition?
A: Oh Lord, the mother of all bombs has been dropped when asking this question. Because the answer is never simple with me when it comes to nutrition. And it’s never a simple operation, me and comp food prep. I require multiple bags of a variety of options. What can I say, I am my mother’s daughter-I was raised on bringing a cooler of food everywhere you go JUST IN CASE!


all of these lovely selections accompanied me this weekend. Generally speaking, fruit, beef jerky, nuts, baby food pouches, peanut butter, sweet potato and Questbars or other protein bars typically round out my satchel of nomnoms.

I don’t love eating a ton during competition, which is usually the general consensus of most people. However, I have also learned the hard way that if you don’t eat and do multiple WODs in a couple hours span, you will not do so successfully. Basically, I’d rather feel like I have to vomitΒ  than feel like my body is shutting down mid workout. I by no means eat EXACTLY like I would on a typical day, which is what’s best, but I definitely eat. It’s not perfected but I’m still working on it.

Which leads into a second questions…

Q: What supplements do you take on comp days?

A: Well, this is when I start to turn into “the bag lady”….


I tote this thing everywhere. Usually it just chills in the back of my car so I can scoop it out before/after workout sessions. But when you’re camped out all day, ya gotta take all your gear with ya. So, in this bag I carry my essential supps: protein (1st Phorm Phormula 1,) a carb supplement (1st Phorm Ignition,) BCAAs, and creatine. I consume more of this than anything else throughout competition, as it’s obviously easier to take down a beverages vs solid food when you come off of any given workout in which you might experience a “I just brushed shoulders with death” sensation. Each tub serves a purpose, but that’s another story for another day.
Either way, I’ve got bags on bags on bags.

Q: Do you warm up/cool down?
A: Yes, yes, a thousand times over, yes. I have to. This bod does not work without appropriate transition from cold to hot and vice versa. In all honestly, it takes me a solid 30 minutes to get warmed up to Kenzie standard. Mobilization and flexibility practices are huge in my warmup routine. If I don’t do them here I don’t do them at all, cause my life is that awesome that I can’t spare a minute to lay on a foam roller. Sad, but true. I’m pretty hell bent on ensuring my body has all the resources to repair itself to good feeling so yes, cooling down is something I’ve become a huge fan of. I encourage others to do the same!

Q: Do I get nervous? Scared?
A: The good kind of nervous. I believe this is called excitement, or at least that’s what I like to call it. Nothing like a good surge of adrenaline to make you do things you never thought you could right at the moment you need to do it most. Dramatic effect is awesome.

Never scared though. A lot of people make the mistake of letting a workout intimidate them and before even starting it they’re already defeated. Like any situation in life: you can control it or let it control you. Not every situation will be ideal, not every workout will be in your wheelhouse, but having a fearful of negative attitude about it isn’t going to help the outcome. Acknowledging it’s not the best arrangement for you is one thing, as long as you override those thoughts with optimistic, “I’m gonna give it hell” attitudes, issall good. Dwelling upon, repeating/whining outwardly, and flat out hating the situation at hand, workout or beyond, is the worst thing you can do, and quite honestly, kind of annoying. Put on your big kid pants and conquer that B. Seize every opportunity with an open heart because you never know when you’ll surprise yourself.

And that’s all I know about competing in exercise.

Oh wait, go fast. Yeah, okay, that’s all.

P.S. If you ever have a burning question of your own, feel free to submit them to me via message on my Facebook page!


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