I’m not sure I’ve ever been more eager to write a blog post, but finding a time to do so this week has been damn near impossible. When I went to title this post, the obvious cliché titles came to mind : “Recap of the Granite Games”, “2014 Granite Games Overview,” etc., but let’s face it, I’m just not that boring. I’ve been referring to this event as “GG” for the past three months via text, so I figured it was most appropriate for a title. Then I just threw in some other awesome abbreviations and text language, because why not? It’s what all the kids are doing these days. However, some of these emotional chat acronyms do go hand-in-hand with my experience. Let me explain. First off, let’s define this “GG” thing. I feel like a lot of people might have known I was competing in this event, but I don’t think everyone understands what that meant. If you know anything about CrossFit, you might be familiar with The CrossFit Games and therefore, understand the magnitude of this competition. But, if the sport is about as foreign to you as the concept of “NO!” is to our fur child, chances are you have but not a clue why anyone would care about this achievement. Lemme break it down for ya:

There are very few competitions where you get some of the best of the best athletes in the sport to show up and compete. I would venture to guess there are about five of these events nationwide, including the mother of them all, The Reebok CrossFit Games. Only in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined competing at the same level as the former “Fittest Woman on Earth.” Yet, GG gave me that experience. Competitors from all over the globe gathered at Saint Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, Minnesota to spend three days doing fitness for time…and I was one of them.


The rigorous process of qualifying for this event made this culminating, real time event that much sweeter. Completing the online qualifier AND THEN the online sectional, quite frankly, sucked. Mostly because I’m technology illiterate and I was required to upload eight videos to YouTube. I mean seriously, eight?! but whatever. Bottom line, it was an honor to be part of this competition.

**BEFORE I PROCEED, NOTE: my only hesitation to writing this post was that it might put out the impression that I think I’m “AAAALLLL that” and some CrossFit savior. I in no way believe this to be true or want to portray that. If anything, I have now confirmed the sense that I have a long way to go to even try and claim that type of status. But, I have been asked by many about my “take always” from this experience, and I’m all about giving the people what they want-plus, this blog needs some excitement. Food pictures get boring.

So, the OMG! part…I mean, must I really explain that? Again. I don’t know any other way to put this, but this was KIIIIND of a big deal. So re-read paragraph 2 if you aren’t quite clear on this. Being a tried and true team competitor, I can say compared to team, individual competition takes on a whole new level of excitement/panic when stepping out on to the competition floor. It’s so liberating and satisfying knowing it’s just me out there, with only myself and I to rely on. Never have I competed on THIS big of stage as an individual. The set up was phenomenal; the energy, electrifying. It’s just one of those feelings you can’t replace in life. #epic.


Earning a place to compete against world class athletes on this awe-inspiring stage …was pretty damn exhilarating.

But that’ s exactly what leads to my next point…

Despite the fact that I am THAT kind of super fan that has some of these athletes’ pictures pinned to my Pinterest boards and might have potentially stalked them online at one point in time…this weekend I was “one of them.” You can’t be star struck by your competition- total rookie mistake. I might be a noob, but I know how this mental game works. Do I THINK I’m as good as the fittest? Absolutely not, but I earned my way here didn’t’ I? DAMN RIGHT, I DID! So, I’m going to “mind over matter” this ish, like I’ve previously written about. I earned the right to compete on the same stage as these superstar athletes, so who’s to say I can’t contend? Remaining in this NBD mindset was part of master plan going in to this competition. So, when people asked me, “What are ‘they’ like up close?” or “ Are you sooo nervous/excited to be competing next to ‘them?’” I honestly can say “Yeah, but no.” You can’t psyche yourself out–people are people are people–it’s as simple as that. All amazing athletes, all with common interest/goals- -I have hella respect those chicks atop the podium and those Top 12 girls that made the finals, but when I realize I was just 2 points away from being one of them- I can’t look at them as a ‘them.’


You’re only capable of what you let yourself believe you can do.

Because I’m the queen of my blog I make the rules…and today WTF?! stands for Where To Fromhere (yeah, that’s now a word, okay?) Moving forward on down the road in my fitness journey, this first GG experience has taught me a lot of things that I can use along the way. A few major points:

– Never lose sight of your “WHY?”…always know why you’re doing something-especially something physically and mentally demanding. Motivation is priceless.

– Always eat dinner before a 7:30 WOD…the timing isn’t perfect, but if not given the option, vomiting is a better consequence than collapsing

– Husbands are great-everyone should have one. Support system, cheerleader, and media crew-he’s a one stop shop! Thanks RT-xoxo!

– 16 hours is the new established limit on my commute to exercise

– You CAN feel the support over the miles. To all my gym family that watched and cheered from CFNP- my spirit sensed it. You guys ROCK!

– Lion King tights never fail to please.

– If you want something badly enough…and work hard enough…nothing is unattainable

– If you’re not having fun, it’s just not worth it

Also, today WTF?! stands for What’s The Favorites? (a stretch, but work with me here…) SO many amazing highlights from the weekend, it’s hard to pick out a highest of highs… As far as performance goes, PRing my snatch was pretty rad (who doesn’t love a PR?)…but placing 5th in the 5K was equally as incredible. Let’s call it a tie. Though above all, my favorite part of ANY competition was meeting new people. I had the chance to meet a whole new group of cool, strong and overall incredible females from far and wide. Thanks Granite Games for this opportunity to grow my network, my community, and my Facebook friends list. I’m super stoked to train/compete with these ladies again down the road. After all, that’s what this sport is all about, right?


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