Life Chronicles: Lessons from Summer 2014

Oh hey guys…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know- y’all thought I died, didn’t ya? Thought you escaped the infliction of Kenzie into your life via your news feed? Perhaps deep down you had hoped that I’d thrown in the proverbial towel on blogging my way though life? WELL, THINK AGAIN, SUCKAS! KENZIE RILEY IS BACK IN ACTION! #sorrythatimnotsorry

I ain’t goin nowheres…I just needed a time out for a sec, or 17 trillion.

For those that appreciate this digital literary gem and actually noticed I have been MIA, I am grateful for your appreciation and hope I can maintain your readership as I forge ahead on this project. Over this solid 2 months hiatus, I have lived and learned a lot, so figured what better way to dive back in to blogging than to recap these REAL* life lessons. So here we go, in classic countdown fashion (damn, this makes me miss the days of TRL), Kenzie’s take away points from summer 2014:

10. Growing a garden is harder than it looks.

2014-07-03 18.37.34

There is a reason they offer beginning gardening classes at community colleges and write “Gardening for Dummies” books. Going into it blindly SEEMED like a good choice at the time…however, the overgrown jungle patch I now see out the kitchen window has changed my stance on the idea. Granted we have yielded many a pepper to feast upon, the maintenance necessary is just more than I signed up for. Also, we totally over estimated what a healthy amount of tomato plants was for the space we had-crowded is an understatement. I’m too embarrassed to even post a pic. Fail.


  1. I am a Californian trapped in an Illinois lifestyle.

10513378_322054334639547_7326493892390991888_n 10577020_1477560415818763_954605785099389442_n10522445_324088287769485_7728323556446432684_n 10525684_324088531102794_6244619844119940920_n

The Riley’s big summer vacay to the west coast was nothing short of FLIPPIN AMAZING. The weather, the beaches, the sun, the tans, the houses, the outdoorsy lifestyles, oh, and the fitness..yeah it’s all there in full blown capacity. LAX, Carson, Santa Monica, Venice Beach…every part was glorious. When people think you are a native, does that mean you should move there? Getting that reaction pretty frequently, I find it good enough reason to consider a drastic move. Roy isn’t arguing. As soon as we can come up with 400k for a house equal to ours in the OC, we’re there!


  1. Doing something with your fitness is what it’s all about.

We train relentlessly for hours to make our bodies physically able and in amazing condition. What’s that good for if you don’t go out and put it to use?!  #functional fitness

IMG_5943 flip rope


  1. Sometimes rest really is the answer.

For those non in the know, I’ve been battling a little bit of a back injury for about…oh, a good six or 8 months now. I finally cracked down and started getting physical therapy, in addition to my always awesome Dr. Chad chiro appointments. When that didn’t work I was sent to the big dogs: the ol’ MD. He stuck a needle in my back and long story short, after lighter loads and 3 days of rest, I felt like a new woman. I wouldn’t say it’s FULLY gone, but its hella better and that’s good enough for this girl. Lesson learned, take the damn rest.

**(3 days after beginning typing this…the hurt is back. Totally jinxed myself there. Good work, Kenz. Stay tuned on this.)


  1. It’s good to know people.

It really is true, as the old saying goes: “It’s not what ya know, it’s who ya know.” I mean, obviously it’s good to know things…but networking, having people that have your back, and being someone people want to support (see #1) gets you a long way in this world. Just by being friendly and sharing conversation, I have been fortunate enough to be able to add the names Paleo Prime and 1st Phorm to my band of support. Finding those that align with you and your mission and forming partnerships-it’s a beautiful thing.


And treating those people right-being loyal, upholding your commitments, and being gracious gets you’re their continued support and meaningful relationships to boot!

IMG_6184 IMG_6260


5. You can’t argue with crazy.

There are some people in this world that you must agree to disagree with. As much as Id love to agree and make nice with everyone, it’s not worth my energy to argue my point and beat the dead horse til I’m blue in the face just to get no cooperation. “Live and let live,” “que sera sera,” or whatever cliché saying you like, INSERT HERE, and move on with our lives. No harm, no foul. People that cant jive like that…they aren’t for me. Save the drama for yo mamma (yeah, I said it,) I’ve got better things to worry about than if you agree with me and whether or not you’re mad about it.


4. My definition of tan MIGHT be different than others…



  1. My family never fails to be amazing.

Not that I ever doubted this fact, but it’s been solidified. My family has been through some tough times together and we are physically spread far and wide across the country, but we are as close as close can be in heart. No matter what endeavors we pursue, the support and understanding is there 100%, unfailing. Seeing/hearing some of the silly, unnecessary drama families endure, it just solidifies the fact that I know am so unbelievably blessed by these people.

IMG_6339 IMG_6338


  1. You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for.

In life, whatever it is…you gotta do the dirty work to see the results you want to see. Admitting you’re not perfect, pin pointing room for improvement, and doing the things you don’t want to do. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”


  1. GOOD things come to those that create GOOD.

Karma really is a thing…if you put good things out into the world, it will come back to you. Being a person people want in their company, having words like “sweet,” “fun,” and “helpful” associated with your name, and never being too busy to lend a hand or give a smile…this is the bottom line. No matter what you are doing in life. Being an A-hole and acting like an arrogant jerk face gets you no friends, no support and no success.

I’m just a fountain of knowledge, wise beyond my years, I know. Okay maybe not, but that’s the best I’ve got-a peek inside my riveting life. As usual, just tryin’ to keep it REAL for my people.


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