Food: Our Best Frenemy

So I’ve officially been back in the gym for a solid week since my post Regionals sabbatical. Seven day of fitness has never crushed me so hard. It’s absurd. The kicker is the vast majority of this last week of workouts has been primarily comprised of basic movements-nothing beyond that of what an “Intro to CrossFit” class might behold. Tabata rowing/airdyne, kettlebell swings, burpees, running, etc. No fancy rep schemes or crazy combinations with super advanced movements. Oh and did I mention the absurd amount of STRICT movements?

My Movie

Pushups, weighted pushups, plate pushups, strict HSPU, strict pull ups, and YES, the OLD SKOOL CHIN UP! Yup, just like my junior high fitness tests. This ish has me DE-stroyed. I’m pumped though-let’s just say, you better get ready for the gun show! Stay tuned…


So, all of this muscle break down has made me RAVENOUS! Like I actively feel my muscle screaming for fuel and recovery-dat pump’ll do it to ya! Which leads me to my next point: food.

Did you guys know my livelihood relies on the consumption of food? Not just the fact that I, as a human, need food to function so I must consume it, but also, as a dietitian, the food consumption habits (mainly the not good ones) of people are what provide me job security. I am constantly surrounded by food: talk about food, questions about food, cooking recipes, eating it-basically in all capacities. Lord knows I need it to fuel my exhausting days, and for the most part I have a good relationship with food. First and foremost my priority is performance-as my professional interest lies in this specialty (performance nutrition.) However, I’m not afraid to live it up either. I recently had friend say this to me: “Kenzie, I think it’s really cool that you don’t stress out over what you eat. If you want pizza, you eat it-but you’re a beast and you crush WODS.” Mind you, this is as we are eating pizza…so, I couldn’t deny the fact that this was indeed a true situation. For the most part I eat pretty routinely, the same “clean” regimen of foods…but I also can’t say no to cookies, so I’d like to think that makes me more human and not some stringent fitness and health robot 🙂  I usually eat a bit of chocolate every day. And if we are being honest, look last Sunday morning’s fiasco…


Lesson learned: Wild Berries must be visited sparingly in the future. Granted, I usually feel pretty crappy after I delight in such activities-that’s when I despise said food. I feel over full and bloated and food becomes a fugly slut in my eyes. Luckily, this doesn’t happen THAT often. Like I said, I usually eat the same ol, same ol staples on the reg: chicken, ground beef/turkey, broccoli, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, eggs, spinach, nuts, rice, etc. and I feel pretty damn good about it and live to fight another day in the gym. Eating the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time is THE biggest factor in recovery. I can totally feel a difference on days I eat what I should vs when I fall short. I don’t think the general population understands how vital this concept is…either that or they just don’t care. But for those tired of spinning their wheels on why they feel tired, sore, like death in workouts…or those that want to see gains/losses on the scale or in their physique…you’d do well to open your brain up to this notion.

Bottom line is, eating is essential…and eating APPROPRIATELY is beneficial. I’m pleased to report I have recently had many other athletes and friends reach out to me with questions and interest in revving up their nutiriton-please know I am always happy to help! Drop me a message on the book or use the CFNP nutrition page to contact me. It will definitely make a difference in your performance! That being said, there is also a time and place to eat as your heart desires-gotta live a lil and treat yo self!

P.S. If you don’t get this reference…you should reevaluate your life…and watch some Parks and Rec.


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