Not gonna lie….I’ve been avoiding writing a new post…

As everyone pretty much knows, CrossFit Regionals has been the headlining event in my life for the past few weeks. This annual “go big or go home” event is the culmination of an entire years labor-both physical and emotional. Leading up to this 3 day event, training was top priority, as was remaining focused and grounded, yet confident. So, I chose not to blog and draw more attention to the delicate situation. However, now that regionals has come and gone I have no excuse for a lack in updates. As I’ve sat on my ass this week, not touching barbells, I will expand on the aftermath that is post North Central Regionals 2014.

You know when you see someone doing Something you’ve never tried…let’s say, juggling…and you think to yourself “That’s flippin’cool I wish I could do that.” Then you watch them go at it a little longer and study the movement…you start to feel like maybe you can get it. You grab your 3 hacky sacks and toss ’em up and a BOOM…you’re a freaking circus clown! That’s my analogy for CFNPs 2014 regional experience. We knew we could hang….but I don’t think we knew we could actually be in a fight for the podium. Surprising yourself is such an amazing feeling!


My pal Jeremy, owner of Black Legion Athletic Gear laid this tidbit on me: “It’s amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn’t know what one can do.”I have never believed this more in my life!

It just goes to show that remaining humble and realistic serves one better than expecting to piss excellence. Putting in the work and going balls out at go time pays off, and every last one of us on Team CFNP did that. The feeling of 100% effort is glorious…our consistent climb up the leaderboard was just the byproduct… and the declicious icing on the cake.

More importantly than the destination is the journey. My relationship with these 5 people has been forever changed-for the better. We were friends coming into this-some of us closer than others- hell, some of us are roommates! Like siblings we had our ups and downs along the way-bad days, PRs, schedules clashing, heart to heart talks, injuries, and lots of farting on each other (boys will be boys.) Individual qualities like self-doubt, stubbornness, and self-concern,Β  transformed into confidence, open-mindedness and ability to communicate and teamwork. We helped watch other grow individually, consequently, strengthening our bond as a unit.

Roy commented on a photo of Team CFNP posted to Facebook…

“Of all the teams in that region, I seriously bet you all are the “closest” team than the others. Like actual friends not just teammates…something you should also be super proud of.”

I truly believe this quality is what separates a good team and a great team.

Shenanigans and all….




I love these people….


And I can’t wait to train with them for the next 360 days. CFG2015…we are comin’ for ya!

This experience of growth, self discovery, and WOD demolition was made more amazing by the support of everyone surrounding me. CFNP truly is the embodiment of family. The amount of members that took the time and money to travel to Chicago in support of our team was nothing short of amazing. The community that Arron McCall has cultivated in North Peoria is what this sport is all about. Hearing chants of “C-F-N-P” as we walked on the competition floor gave me goosebumps. Everyone in that arena KNEW we were there πŸ™‚ #bestcheeringsectionever Please know you are very appreciated!

My favorite fan of all shares a bed with me. He spectated multiple team training sessions, dealt with me texting my teammates constantly about workouts or schedules, and woke up with the pup so I could be fully rested as competition approached. Though a stage parent at times, I know it’s just because he believes in me and wants me to achieve my goals. Either way, I’m so lucky to have the husband I do in my corner-this experience wouldn’t be that same without him!

Ok, is it Monday yet? No? Dammit. I can’t wait to get back to real life and daily physical beat downs. Life just isn’t the same when you feel fresh and rested….


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