“There’s a First Time for Everything”

You know how sometimes when life’s “to do” list gets overwhelming you either:

A. get really motivated and accomplish ish like a rock star


B. curl up in the fetal position and deny there is anything to be done?

Yeah, well,  I’ve gone ahead and chosen option B recently.

I’ve been a reeeeal slacker lately, so my apologies for failing to provide you entertainment via blogging literary genius. I’m sure you lost lots of sleep over it. If it makes you feel better,  it wasn’t just you all I bailed on (that makes me sound awesome, ha.) So, in attempt to justify my laziness, this entry is devoted to a “show and tell” session of my life’s current events. Luckily, a common theme exists. A lot of FIRSTs have occurred lately in the life of Kenzie (mostly all good), so let me share the fun…

Kind of old news, but still a huge accomplishment for me personally…this year was the FIRST year qualifying as an individual for Regionals.


To CrossFitters, you understand what this means. To non CrossFitters…let’s just say, I’ve made it to the “minor leagues.” It was a goal of mine just to qualify, so its rewarding to check that off the list. However, another FIRST abounds….this is the FIRST year to reject the invitation because I am SO pumped to compete with my badass team! Team CFNP is gonna do some real damage at Navy Pier  May 9-11…COME WATCH!

Two weeks ago I attended my FIRST Olympic lifting seminar. Hosted by CFNP, the world renowned Jon North came and dropped a whole lotta Attitude Nation knowledge on how to slam bars and kill PRs. His refreshing philosophy of “there is no wrong way to lift weights” was my favorite part (its so true!)  Oh, and the general overall #ness experience Jessica and Jon got privy to- this vlog reflects that it kinda blew their minds.  A long weekend, but fully worth it. I encourage anyone wanting to take their skills to the next level to seize any similar opportunity.

I took a lil’ vacay out East to New Haven, CT to visit my 3 years apart twin aka my little sister, Leslie. Many FIRSTs here including visiting  NBC Studios/Rockefeller Center (1 ❤ Parks and Rec) in the Big Apple, summiting East Rock, and losing my wedding ring. But lets not talk about the last one…



While here, I dropped into CrossFit New Haven for a WOD. Turns out being super sick, traveling and proceeding to workout is NOT the best combination. However, the folks and CFNH were real good sports and weathered the workout with me. Unfortunately, this was NOT the FIRST time I thought I was going to die mid WOD. It was a great trip, regardless of health status, but definitely got me good and run down.

Upon returning home, I was greeted by another adorable FIRST. Roy and I’s very own fur child, EMOM.


She’s a lab/shepherd mix and is 100% AWESOME. At 9 weeks old, she is learning really quickly! A few accidents in the house is expected, especially coming from living as an orphan, under a porch. How sad right? I mean, look at that face….


Dammit, shes just too cute for me to even handle. So, yeah,  that’s been another HUGE highlight of my life and has kind of taken over any other things I should be caring about 🙂

Other less note worthy FIRSTs: FINALLY watching Frozen and Pitch Perfect, trying (and loving) Kombucha, and successfully hitting legless rope climbs!


I know, I live a WILD life. I’m sure glad “there’s a first time for everything!”


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