Moving Forward


First things first: it turns out there is indeed a God because there are no longer mounds of snow lining our driveway. Winter coats are hanging in the closet and the garage doors are open at the gym…spring has made it here, folks! Just when I was about to give up, she comes through for us. Thank G…I was about to lose it with that sub-zero degree junk. So let’s pause to rejoice in that for a second….


Ok, moving on-I got a new flavor of Vermont Peanut Butter Company goodness. Stowe is cinnamon raisin flavored peanut butter and it is uh-may-zing. Y’all have got to get in on these delish products right MEOW! How else are you going to make this ultimate PWO recovery treat I invented.



No joke guys-this stuff is FIRE! Oatmeal + VTPB + cinnamon + a squirt of honey. BOOM!

In other news, The Voice has added a second battle round to their format. Talk about Earth shattering news! Maybe it is to me because Jake Barker  is my boyfriend. As if that’s not enough, Dancing with the Stars is back, as well! Again, this could mean more to me because James Maslow is my second boyfriend. #donthatetheplayerhatethegame

And honestly, I need something to fill the void of weeknight viewing excitement now that the Open is over. However, I don’t miss the anticipation and anxious/excitement that accompanied for the following 4 days. The past 5 weeks was full of emotions, as it was for most other CrossFit athletes across the county participating in the CrossFit Games Open. Experiences range from some really blissful highs and some real disheartening lows. PRs were set and pain was experienced. But if you started week one and saw it though to week five, that in itself is an accomplishment. It is a trying situation, enduring competition for 5 weeks and never knowing what’s coming at you next. Having endured that, we are better, stronger athletes and humans than we were five weeks ago. Pat yourself on the back for that. Not giving up or giving in is a win when it comes to CrossFit.

While some competitors set goals of Regional qualification, specific leaderboard placement, or certain scores in the workouts, some were getting the most double unders than ever before, or hitting their first chest to bar pull-up or muscle up. Those are just as radical victories. Constantly comparing to those around you is a toxic behavior that can really bring one down mentally. A great article was posted on the Games site a few weeks ago. I urge you to read it here.

Gaining some perspective and a realistic grip on where you are as an athlete is step one in becoming the athlete you want to be. The Open is often times a good eye opener for some to help gauge their overall CrossFit abilities; it’s not meant to be demoralizing. We all start somewhere, but you have to be okay with where that place is and that there is no shame in it! Last year’s open had chest to bar pull ups…I struggled HARD with those. This year’s workout made me think about the progress I’ve made with them and I made this montage of my pull-up progress. In a year’s time, THIS can happen. My teammate Mr. Jake Servis shared his progress from last year’s Open placement to his current placement. Progress takes time.

So be real with yourself. Don’t forget about the Open and what you’ve went through the past month; use it as a stepping stone. Part of CrossFit is admitting where we are, not just where we would like to be. The road to better starts with the truth. And the truth is that we are not always the athletes we want to be. As you approach your Regional training or perhaps your programming for the next year, bare that in mind.



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