Why is there only 24 hours in the day? Like, in what universe is that enough time to complete all the necessary duties of a full life, much less a life dedicated to being productive and achieving ANYTHING? I mean, I feel like every day I struggle to meet my 7pm “I QUIT!” time. “ What’s that?” you ask …well, basically my husband and I demand at least 2 episodes of whatever Netflix show we are hard up on at the time before we call it a night; we like to be nestled in front of the tv by 7 or so to get this routine rolling. So, I bust my butt through the first 13 hours of the day just keeping my eye on the prize of 7pm quality couch time. Mind you, I only have a husband, a career, and an aspiration to rock the CrossFit world…I don’t even want to know the struggles of throwing children in that mix. Good Lord! Kudos to all the parents out there that still manage to work jobs and workout…and not loathe their children. I guess this is a sign we aren’t ready for that all-consuming life change yet…

So like most everyone else on the face of earth, the struggle of having enough time exists in Kenzie’s world. So what takes priority? Contrary to popular belief, the majority of my free time is not spent in the gym. I feel like there is some wide spread idea that in order to be an elite athlete you must train hours upon hours a day. While it has been documented that RJF does workout 3+ times a day, it must be understood, that is NOT a normal life. I guess if I got paid to be the sexiest, er, I mean fittest, man on Earth, I’d spend all my day working on that too. It’S HIS JOB! But most of us lowly working class folk don’t have that luxury. Not everyone can dedicate their lives to their sport; WE HAVE BILLS TO PAY, PEOPLE! Luckily, it is not a necessity to making gains and becoming a highly competitive athlete.
For those people already looking ahead to “post Open training” and “next season,” don’t start penciling in huge blocks of time for training. I was just talking to Kelley Jackson, one of the studs of the North Central region while visiting her gym (CrossFit Gambit)  over the weekend. A certain foundation needs laid to become ‘elite’ status, but once that’s in place, maintaining it with 1 solid hour of training a day is doable! There is no magic number of hours logged in the gym; all that matters is that it is quality work. Too much time in the gym? Yeah, that’s a real thing. Over training? Injury? Yeah those are real things, too. They send you backwards. I think I’ll pass.
“So Kenzie, if 29357 hours a week of lifts, metcon, and skill work isn’t the way, what is?”
One word: Intensity.
Intensity, as we define it, is exactly equal to average power (force x distance / time…science). In other words, how much real work did you do and in what time period? The greater the average power, the greater the intensity.
Intensity is the KEY in optimizing favorable results. Whatever you want from exercise comes faster with intensity. It’s not volume or duration or heart rate or even discomfort. Do more work in less time (without overdoing it), and you’ll get fitter faster.

Work hard.
Whether you have 30 minutes in the gym or 3 hours, if you hit it with INTENSITY, the workout benefits you. Fran, arguably the most famous CrossFit workout is anywhere from 2-7 minutes long. Is it considered “a waste of time” because it isn’t drug out, with heavy weight and complex rep schemes? HELL NO! Fran is and always will be a BISH!
I guess what I am saying here is there is no magic program, no enchanted number of training hours logged in the equation of success in a sport. As my mom used to say, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Entering each workout with intensity and pushing your limits is what transforms an athlete. Over time (with patience,) training SMART like this will get you what you are looking for in the results game.

So bring it! EVERY. DAY.


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