What Drives YOU?

Ever have one of those weeks that just kicks your ass entirely? Like, sucks the energy and soul right out of you and leaves you wanting to do nothing but just lay? And then you lay and ask yourself “Why? Why do I put myself through this? Why do let life break me down so much? What’s it all for anyways? I’m gonna die eventually, regardless…”

Yeah, WOAH, KENZIE! Why don’t I go ahead and step back from the ledge…

Ok, so maybe a bit dramatic, but exaggeration is fun. Though I will admit, the combination of good and bad stress + sore butt cheeks earns this girl a seat on the struggle bus.

SIDE BAR: Yeah, I said it, butt cheeks. Weighted pistols are the devil.


So, we all know it: less than stellar days happen. In my case, less than stellar weeks. Heck, this can go for anything: meetings, projects, presentations, workouts, trips, performances, etc. Sometimes, the universe just aint havin’ it. Then we feel all defeated and sad for ourselves and throw really embarrassing pity parties on our failed endeavor.  If we are really awesome, we will have thought processes like paragraph one above, ultimately leading us to give up on said endeavor.  All because of our emotions. Feelings are powerful things, guys. Our actions and our words are fueled by emotion, and it’s hard to override those feelings sometimes. Especially when we are feeling beat down with an “L” on our forehead.

So how do you overcome that? What makes you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get back on that horse?  What makes your fight worth it? WHAT DRIVES YOU?

I’m gonna have to ask you to watch this video and ponder…

I’m not just talking about in the gym…I’m talking about in life. Why keep going? Everyone is different, depending on their situation in life. When the messenger of misery visits me, this is what keeps me in the game…

Making the ones I love proud



As a tribute for all they have done for me in life


Upholding the commitment to give my best to those around me



Proving the haters wrong


And celebrating the blessings I’ve been granted…there are so many less fortunate.

So more or less, I wanted to bring to the forefront what REALLY matters. Because in our darkest moments, whatever it is that keeps you moving forward and wading through all the BS life brings…ya gotta hold on to that.

“What reason do you have that you can remember, that you can call on, that you can reach on, that can make you get back up. Find that reason!”


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