Believe…More than a Bieber Album

People been talkin’…talkin bout people…somethin’, somethin I don’t know all the lyrics but soon as I started typing that this amazing clip came to mind. Damn, I love that movie. Anyway, I digress…

People (well CrossFit peoples) been talkin’ about one and ONLY one thing lately. No, not Danny Broflex, though he is phenomenal. I’m talking about the world wide, virtual competition, THE CrossFit Open. Hell yeah, y’all-the time has come! So in honor of all the rage, the next few posts will be in regards to approaching the open and will hopefully get you TOTALLY PUMPED UP or at least get you thinking about some of the various aspects involved with the process. SO, let ‘er roll!  This week’s topic: believe in your damn self! That is right y’all, Biebs had it right….


I am a firm believer (and belieber) in the saying “mind over matter.”  If you recall my last post I went all soapbox-y about perspective and how to make the best of a situation (it was great, check it out if you haven’t.) This is a concept quite closely related.


Self-talk is a powerful thing, people! When I say “mind over matter” I mean telling yourself “I can do this,” “I will do this,” “this is light weight,” “stay calm,” etc. If your mind ain’t right, it’s just not gonna happen.  Anyone who trains or competes around me might hear me respond “DON’T EVEN SAY IT OUT LOUD!” pretty regularly.  I have this theory that if you don’t admit something out loud it doesn’t become true. “Shit, that bar feels heavy today”…NOPE! Or “Ugh, this WOD is gonna be a struggle”…DON’T WANNA HEAR IT! The moment you let that thought in your brain and you validate it with putting it out into the universe in words, it has the power to take you down. You give it life, you acknowledge it, and you fear it. If you don’t even say it, if you just ignore it and instead start telling yourself positive things, your chances of rising above the challenge just increased by approximately 573258%.


As the old saying goes…”Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” So it’s pretty much all up to you and what you let go on inside your pretty little head. The funny thing is those that doubt themselves really have no reasons to be nay sayers. If you train you heart out every day, you should have SO MANY reasons to believe you can!

All the blood, sweat, and tears (metaphorical and sometimes physical) that you shed daily in your workouts is the very reason you earn the right to say “hell yeah I’m gonna crush this.” Trust in your hard work, there is a reason you do it!

Which brings me to my next point….The Open isn’t the end all, be all of CrossFitting, You don’t HAVE to participate; you aren’t going to be shunned like the smelly kid in school. However, it is a great chance to test yourself.  For those that cling to the “I do this for myself” reason: this may appear to be a “world- wide competition”…true it is, but it’s also about revving yourself up and going balls out on a workout and seeing how much you can push yourself. That’s ultimately what CrossFit is…intense exercise for time. So why not sign up, join all the rest of the cool kids in the gym and get in on some of that camaraderie. No one is comparing you…that’s more stuff that’s only in your head. To embrace the community of CrossFit and to let yourself shine-The CrossFit Open is meant to be fun and challenging.

Putting yourself out there and saying “Ya know what, I can totally do this, so I’m going to,” leaving the negative doubtful self-talk at the door, and rocking out on a workout while everyone cheers you on….what about that doesn’t sound awesome? You work your ass off…you deserve this.


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