Recipe Review Ultra-Marathon

The more I live, the more I believe the sayings “when it rains pours” or “it’s either feast or famine.” In fact, I’d go as far as to say this is factual information. Blog topic inspirations have proven this true. While anyone that knows me or at least thinks they know me via Facebook knows I’ve had some blog worthy ish go down in my life as of recent, but I’m tucking those away in my arsenal for a rainy day. Today I’m talkin’ about food and ain’t no body gonna be mad about that!


Recipes, food porn and links to said recipes are about to blow up all over your screen-let the fat kid in you rejoice!

Not gonna lie, this is all very rare. Recipe test driving doesn’t happen a lot in my kitchen. I’m a total champ at pinning them…but the whole not having a dishwasher thing was enough to shoot down the dreams of any recipe involving a mixer or food processor. I’m lazy and I know it. #sorrythatimnotsorry. However, the holiday gods rained down MLK day last month and I went on a recipe board purging rampage (feel free to hit me up on Pinterest, btw.) and came up with this recipe review ultra-marathon. Check it…

Up first: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

As per the typical CrossFit gal, is my go to. I kid you not y’all, these taste so ridiculously similar to REAL cookie dough it’s absurd. The good fats from the almond butter (Vermont Peanut Butter Company representin!) and additional protein from the whey isolate makes for a pretty great snack that will keep you full.


I put these babies in the freezer and pull a couple out at night for that sweet tooth I rock pretty hard. It also keeps me from eating them all in one sitting…yeah, I’m that girl.


Let’s keep rolling with the primal/gluten free goodness of paleomg…Carrot Breakfast Protein Cake. Usually when you think of cake or bread you think flour and sugar…until today. It might come a HUGE shock that a girl that lifts heavy weight really enjoys protein laden foods…so the protein powder up in here, while an interesting concept, TOTALLY rocks.


Somewhat similar ingredients as the protein balls, but with eggs and baking powder this guy turns into a gift from the oven. However, I suck at baking (measuring spoons are overrated) so don’t let my flat and ugly product scare you.


In comparison to the website’s picture, this sad cake is flat and dry looking. I still ate it…hey, it’s a good mix up to a regular bacon and eggs for breakfast.

NOTE: Notice how I didn’t use the word “moist” there? That’s because I hate that word…and here’s why.

On a more savory note: Quinoa Mac and Cheese. Oh. Em. Gee. Not sure if you’re down with quinoa, but you should be for this recipe. It is pretty rad. I don’t eat a ton of cheese regularly but sometimes you just need that creaminess in your life. Quinoa, begin a grain-less alternative to pasta or rice, gives you that “full” feeling without the grain. However, don’t mistake “grain free” for “carb free”…you get good carbs and protein with quinoa. I threw some broccoli and spinach in mine and might I say, I dun good.


Oh Lordy, hold on you’re hats for this one ladies and gents. The wheels are COMIN’ OFF! I made this treat for my husband who has not A sweet tooth, but 32 of them. Get this: Reese + Oreos + Brownies= Breeseos. If you think that’s crazy, you should see the similar recipe that also includes cookie dough. Yowza! So, yeah, this mother of all chocolate desserts was a MUST try, just to say you did it, if nothing else.


Though-more “cake like” than the preferred “fudge like”, these brownies had a Reese’s sandwiched in each Oreo. Not directly following the recipe, we used Golden Oreos which are equally delicious in my hubby’s eyes. There’s no way to go wrong with this, get creative. Hell, add a few other candies while you’re at it. GET CRAZY! Just let me know how it goes so I can try it! P.S. there are no finished product pictures here because I was too focused on eating it than photographing it, and by time I thought about it…it gone.

This was hella kitchen activity for me, so I think I’ll hang up my apron for a while. And like I said, my Pinterst boards are full of lots of “when I have time” fun…hit that up if ya want more. Otherwise, life outside the kitchen is a callin’ me!

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