Which Are You?

My mom was one of those wise women that always knew the right thing to say in any situation. So many classic one liners that my sister and I repeat to this very day, usually followed by the comment “we are our mothers daughters,” knowing exactly from where we pulled that seedling of wisdom. One of these cliché references I will always remember is to the concept of there being two types of people in the word…”What are you gonna be here, Kenz, a thinker or a doer?” I’m pretty sure it was her way of telling me to not be lazy and guilt me into doing something I know I should do… pick up my crap around the house, stop crying over some immature boy I was crushing on, or work harder to achieve my goals in the pool…whatever the situation may be, it was an applicable concept. And it freaking worked like a charm. I mean, HELLO, here I am a decade and some change later referencing the damn saying. Like I said, she was a smart lady.

As a teenager, this statement drove me to act, because I am wired that way. Not everyone would respond the same. You could go back to those days and say the same thing to my equally as lazy friends and you would likely get a blank stare and a “No thanks, neither. I’m good” type of response. So today, my more matured and all too sophisticated brain is really seeing truth in this age old concept. There are indeed two types of people, and you can’t really be both. You are either a THINKER or a DOER. The world needs both. But which are you?

The thinker, the doer

Test: watch this video. If you’re initial response is “I wonder if that’s a real story? Who’s that guy? is he famous? Who’s voice is it? I wonder if they made money off of this? I need money…maybe I should make one…Damn that dude jumps high. I wonder if I could clear that fence?..etc”…you, my friend are a THINKER. If your response is to jump up and yell “LETS GO ROCK  OUT and EFF UP LIFE!” …you are a genuine DOER.

So, whats that mean?

The Thinker

You are investigative; “How Things Work” on Discovery might be your favorite tv show. In general, you have an open mind and are full of clever and curious wonder. Strategizing and reasoning is something that is second nature to you and “thinking outside the box” is the only way you know how. But when it comes to putting these dazzling ideas into action, to be blunt, thinkers just don’t have the balls. Your outrageous ability to think almost hinders the ability to actually put those ideas into effect because you psych yourself out. Over thinking is an actual THING here. It breeds excuses; excuses are your kryptonite. So is fear. You tend to think more of the cons of a situation. Take a risk? Leap of faith? Fat freakin’ chance. That’s like a conniption waiting to happen. Things can go straight to hell with one wrong move and you are well aware of that possibility. Afraid of what could be, you tend to wait for opportunity or change to happen to you, rather than go after it. You know WHAT you should do or need to do, but always have a “reason” why you don’t. Let’s just say Nike isn’t after you to be their poster child for the “Just Do It” slogan.

#Thinking #quote

The Doer

“Seize the day” is your motto. You are realistic, you live in the now. Your thought process is “why sit around anticipating and pondering when you could be out there carpe-ing the effing diem!?” Brave, tough, persistent, and hard to intimidate might be some words people use to describe you. Basically, you ooze “badass.” That’s all good and fine until someone challenges you to a base jumping contest. Oh, and you have never done it before. Badass you would gladly oblige without giving thought to any potential, legitimate dangers involved. You usually take chances against all odds: stubborn idiot move. If sh*t hits the fan, you always handle it and keep moving forward no matter what. The problem of burning out, breaking down, or forced with a difficult choice is familiar to you…you either go hard or go home. All. The. Time. While you have the drive to get stuff done, you tend to loses sense of direction. There isn’t much method to the madness.

get shit done BRIANA SCHMIDT!!!!!!

So, IDEALLY, you need the mind of the thinker, but the balls of a doer. For some of us who have strong tendencies as one or the other, this is hard to break. But the more you understand which you are, the better you can manage yourself. And the more you understand the people around, the better you can communicate with, motivate and encourage them.  Balance of the heart and mind, and of work and play, is needed to stay grounded in life. SO which are you and what are you gonna do about it?


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