Feed the Beast in You

Alright, I know what you’re thinking….let’s just get it out on the table…the elephant in the room…”Where the heck have you been Kenzie? The lack of blog updates has caused many people lack of sleep. How rude!” …am I right? I admit to a lag my regular posting activity. I’m sorry. I have let down the human race and deprived you all of exhilarating play by play of my most recent thought processes. However, I promise it’s for a good reason.

Two out of the last three weekends I have been a slave to the sport, competing in competitions across the state, attempting to keep my good name. Luckily, I had some awesome teammates to encourage this effort and we claimed victory at both events.
CrossFit Eject’s Winter WODs held 12/7 & 8 in Springfield, IL, with Mr Marshall Creed of CrossFit 217. The special thing about this comp was a swimming WOD… you KNOW I was pumped for this one!
The competition was tight between our CFNP teams (a really proud feeling), but we came out on top. It was a fun time!

(Might I add that CFNP swept the podium in the Rx division, and had teams make the podium in the Master’s and Scaled divisions as well….it was glorious.)

Quad Cities CrossFit held their annual Christmas Classic on 12/20-22 in Rock Island, IL. Three days of rough workouts and challenging competition tested Mr Drake Comfort and myself, but we bested it! Pulled out another W, representing CFNP right ๐Ÿ™‚ (though our teammates were right on our heels!)

The icing on the cake was that we got to share the weekend with many CFNP athletes that came to throwdown with the “ness” on their back and had a great showing by all across the board- Really putting CFNP on on the map!

So, while this display of performance hopefully justifies my absence on the interwebz, I hope it also acts as an inspiration. An inspiration to try a CrossFit competition. Now I know what response follows: “no way Kenzie! I’d embarrass myself!” or “That’s not really me…I’m not competitive enough.” I’d respond with a story about a girl who had 0 competitive bones in her body. She worked out quietly and did everything “for fun”…never “to win.” Until 3 months into CrossFit she tried her first competition and hasn’t ever looked back. That girl is pictured above on top of the podium. Yeah folks, believe it or not, that girl is THIS girl. I know not everyone is ME but I urge you to try it once, because you NEVER know what you’re missing out on…

Besides CrossFit comps are ALL the rage currently- all the cool kids are doin’ it! Whether it is because CrossFit has helped people everywhere find their inner athlete, or because CrossFitters feel the need to put their training to the test, competing in CrossFit has become the new standard. There is even a website dedicated to posting ALL local CrossFit competitions by region: http://www.crossfit-competitions.com/

Here’s the thing…if you CrossFit you have a BEAST inside of you. Did ya know that? Yup, a beast. It’s what keeps you coming back day after day to be subjected to this sadistic physical torture. I mean, you PAY to get your butt kicked regularly! Doesn’t that deserve some recognition? Through training you condition yourself to push beyond your limits, both mental and physical; to withstand the uncomfortability of intense physical excretion. That burn in your legs…that pounding in your chest…the beast in you craves THAT. Competition is a chance to give that beast what it wants- FEED IT!…and put those hours of training to work for you!

Competition drives power output to all time highs. Competition forces us to put forth the best possible effort. Competition asks us to dig deeper than normal and unlock hidden potential. You may surprise yourself! PRing in an event is the ultimate payoff for the months of hard work leading up to the event; it is the ultimate validation for all of that hard work. Jus sayin’…

Now, for those that are โ€œon the fenceโ€ we know the decision can be tough. Competing for the first time can be as intimidating as doing your first crossfit workout (except, HEY, lookie there, you’ve conquered that …so keep that in mind as you read on.) Only you know when you are ready mentally and when the time comes you coach and gym mates will support you. Keep in mind that crossfit competitions are meant to be FUN expressions of a personโ€™s fitness. Itโ€™s also about celebrating the community and enjoying the fitness you have developed in yourself. If you keep that perspective and learn to enjoy the challenge you will want to do more. Think about it like any other sport where you practice and train then on โ€œgame dayโ€ you get to enjoy all that hard work. And the beautiful thing about the CrossFit community is camaraderie. The vast majority of folks at a competition are just like the folks you train with every day โ€“ they give it their all then cheer on everyone else. Everyone gets nervous but in the end are glad they did it!

So, no pressure…just something to think about…and hopefully a good reason for me to bail on my bloggerific ways. And let’s be honest, the holidays get a little nuts anyways. Traveling, family, in laws, blah, blah, blah. Exhausting. So now that that’s over, real* life is back on! However, I WILL continue to listen to this song, Christmas or not. FACT!


2 thoughts on “Feed the Beast in You

  1. I have been doing crossfit for 5 months ( well 100 percent committed for 5 months but started almost a year ago) I’m doing my first competition in Feb (less then a month away now) The Garage Games. I’m so nervous! Any tips?!?! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • GO for it! Don’t psych yourself out-let adrenaline help you! just stay relaxed and remember “slow is smooth and smooth is fast” …people tend to try and rip the bar and move quickly and it just is a hot mess and really stressful looking. Also, take protein shakes and fruit with you to snack on. Have fun and think positive! it all starts in our mental attitude! Good Luck! ps you can follow me on facebook (like Mekenzie Riley) and instagram @itskenzieriley if you want as well. Im full of good fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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