Camera Roll Inspirations I

As I pondered the topic for today’s entry, I just couldn’t make up my mind. I’ve had  a myriad of various *real life topics span my mind over the past week…. and if you know me very well, you know I struggle with simple decisions (it took me 2 hours to customize my new nano 3.0s) …so it was hard to pick just one. So, I went ahead and splurged and am going to hit them all!  I referred to my iPhone’s camera roll to recollect some of the high points. So follow me as we jump around this patchwork of thoughts; a hodgepodge, if you will. Lucky you, my less than professional photog skills will compliment this entry as I insert these gems of photos off my idevice.

Pekin (where Roy and I currently live) and Washington made national recently with the horrid devastation suffered from tornadoes that occurred last weekend. An EF-4 tornado was just one of the dozens of tornadoes and intense thunderstorms that swept across the Midwest in a swift-moving line of violent weather that killed at least eight people and unleashed powerful winds that flattened entire neighborhoods, flipped over cars and uprooted trees.

The twister in Washington spanned an eighth of a mile wide, destroying an estimated  250 to 500 homes. While some homes were fortunate enough to only lose power, some weren’t as lucky and lost everything. I have a few friends whom have family in the area. One of my very good friends lives in Washington and sent me this photo which she took out her back door….


Freakin scary right? By the grace of God, my friend and her family made it safely! However, hitting so close to home, it is important to do what we can to help support the relief efforts. Donations are being collected at various locations throughout the Peoria area; clean up efforts are also being coordinated. Check out this Facebook page for some specific directions on how to help! I know our holiday weekend will include partaking in some of this work!

Ok, on to happier things…like babies. So, its safe to say the hubs and I aren’t anywhere to close to popping out small humans of our own…sorry family. However, we still love us some baby action. We get our fixes by frequently driving down the street to visit our friends Jon and Kelly-they have the cutest ginger baby OF ALL TIMES. I mean, I may be bias, but I am fairly certain this child could win multiple adorable child contests. What’s even better is this ginger toddler can get down on some CrossFit. Burpees, squats, PVC over his head….it’s SO awesome. If you CrossFit you’ve probably heard the statement “Squat like a Baby”…yeah that’s a real thing. I mean, just look at Jones here…


I’m pretty flexible and I CAN NOT do that. Trust me, I’ve tried! The way a baby is able to perform a full “ass to grass” squat is the criteria for a properly performed barbell, load bearing, “good rep” squat. We were born to move like this! However, over time our bodies lose this ability because we don’t practice it. I saw a great video on this EXACT concept last week -restoring this range of motion is essential for good spinal health…and also, aids in defecation: a WIN/ WIN!  See this vid here! Kelly Starrett is a genius.

I rarely bake. Not because I don’t LIKE to, but because we don’t have a dishwasher…and I loathe dishes. When you bake you use like 84 pieces of kitchen equipment, so I just don’t go there. Also, it seems like when I try a great recipe from a Paleo site/book, it takes $30 worth of ingredients and makes like 6 servings…’s gone in a day. Not worth it. But I got adventurous this last weekend and tried a cookie recipe on of my home girl training partners shared with me. Coconut banana cookies…um, what? Did you say delicious awesomeness? PS there are also chocolate chips in there-BOOM. Based on last weeks rant over the glory of coconut, you KNOW I’m gonna get down with this recipe.  I’d like to thank Caveman Strong for bringing this recipe into my life.  Try it out and let me know whatcha think!


(definitely more delicious than they look….I should take some iPhotog lessons.)

Something I come across a lot in giving nutrition advice is that everyone seems to face the DREADED obstacle of inconvenience; thinking/planning ahead is a necessity in taking control of your diet. I once had a teacher that always said “if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”…it really is entirely true though. Its easy to BS your way through a presentation or a test….but if you BS your diet it going to show. In your performance, in your energy level, and in your physique. It is a pain to have to think ahead and pack food along for the day, but you’ll be thankful you did when you don’t have to spend money on that Taco Bell splurge because “it was the only thing near by and I was STARVED!” I get it people, really I do. I drive all over 8 counties for my job. Sometimes I leave home at 8am, workout in the middle of the day , and don’t get home until 6pm. Do you know how much food THIS lean, mean burnin’ machine eats in a day?!  I have a damn grocery store in my car some days. Eating and driving isn’t good practice…


Do as I say, not as I do. But the reality is, sometimes I drop the ball…I don’t bring enough or I accidentally forget it…then what? Welp, I hit the grocery walking out with something that looks a little like this….


Not my FAVORITE meal of all times, but you make do with what you have. Sometimes going to the store has better solution than going to the drive through…put that in the back of your mind for next time you forget your lunch. Like I said, it’s a rough life, we want what we want when we want it, and when we don’t get it…we usually scrap the effort. Coordinating life is obviously easier said than done …but little preparedness goes a long way and anyone who asks for nutrition guidance…you’ll get this lecture 🙂

Welp, that’s all my camera roll held for this installment….I’m sure it will accumulate more. Gotta love the randomness-it’s what real* life is all about.


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