Just A Lil’ Experimentin’!

For anyone out there that’s planning to be, is in the process of becoming, or currently is a professional in the health care field, you can appreciate this on coming rant….

Research sucks. I’m sorry, pardon my French, but it’s just too overwhelming for me. The latest recommendations and recent findings; peer reviewed this and unbiased that….it’s great to be cutting edge but it’s exhausting-I can’t keep up!Β  But really the part that gets my goat most, is that there are never any definitive answers or conclusions. RARELY are outcomes consistent enough to induce change in the stance of the American healthcare perspective. And even when they are, it’s like speaking on deaf ears. “Hey America, we’ve been telling you such and such is great for you for the past 20 years, well, forget that and start doing the opposite!” Ha. The idea is almost laughable.

So as a professional whom practices what she preaches, I say “to hell with research,” (mental image of me throwing a pile of journal articles up in the air as they rain down) “lets do some experimentin’!” The only way to know what works is to take your own stances based on your own experiences.


Exhibit A: Fat

For the past decade and a half fat was a four letter word in the diet and nutrition world. People thought if you ate fat, you’d get fat. And of course, everyone attributes high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and any poor heart condition to the over consumption of dietary fat (specifically the saturated kind) and animal products. Just last week the FDA issued a proposal to ban trans fat from food manufacturing operations (however, I agree with the “bad guy” title trans fats have earned, but I digress). This just shows you how quickly the turn over is on the “NEW TRUTHS” in the field.Β  There is an absurd amount of support for the “low fat” movement. Bottom line, America has been taught FAT=BAD.

If this is true, fat is the culprit, and if we just cut it out of our diet the problem is solved right? All the pros agree and the research says so! So we start recommending low fat diets. Great! Except one tiny issue still remains……America is at an all time high for obesity…explain this, science?!

Is it perhaps because fat isn’t the wicked spawn of Satan we first imagined? Because, there is ALSO research that suggests it’s actually fat’s evil cousin carbohydrate that increases triglycerides. Although saturated fat does increase our bad cholesterol (LDL), it also increases protective cholesterol (HDL) right along with it. Or that fat actually plays a vital role in our diet, keeping us full and satisfied, so we aren’t stuffing out faces with a different unfulfilling snack every 45 minutes.

Can you imagine trying to convince “America: Land of Low Fat Obesity” that eating foods rich in fat is actually maybe a good thing? Ha. Fat chance (no pun intended.) Changing the way society thinks is a HUGE movement…so maybe we just start one person at a time. Maybe we start with ourselves.

While there is a ton of biased information to argue both sides of any nutritional concept, the question still remains…how do YOU decide whats best for YOU? You can read information inside and out until you’re left cross eyed and still be unsure of what is “right.” Heck, everything can be “right” to an extent, but what WORKS for YOU? This is where the EXPERIMENT comes in. Try it out, see how you respond or, you’ll never know for sure! It’s kinda fun in a nerdy way…

Print off to hang in room - mascot for ap?

So “to each their own,” as I like to say. I won’t inflict my philosophy upon you, unless you ask! But this is my blog so I’m gonna go ahead and inflict my fat loving stance…

Yes, I agree trans fat is bad for us. But, the FDA taking away the choice to choose trans fatty foods, is not going to fix our problem as lazy, obese, sedentary Americans. So whatever… stock up on your Oreos now! Personally I used to hate on fat until I tried it. It has made a world of difference in my sweet tooth cravings, my rumbly tummy, and my energy level. And low and behold, I haven’t had a heart attack or seen an increased in body fat…hmm…how could this EVER BE? So now I get to enjoy bacon on the daily, knowing this is what’s RIGHT for ME.

Let’s not get distracted by this great argument for dietary fat…or by this gorgeous picture of bacon…

This is about how you decide how and what to put in your body.

Who cares about what your sisters best friends’ mom read in Women’s Health, or what your Human Phys professor touts….that’s not YOU. Explore the options, try it all out.Β  Become and EXPERIMENT! When you find what works for you, you can defend your stance. Because words on paper only go so far- real* experiences, real* results are much better arguments when the haters start to hate.


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