Real What?

Wow. Really!? For me!? A shiny, brand new blog to all my own!? Oh wow. If I only knew what to do with it…

So, being my first attempt at maintaining a blog, please try and appreciate my lack of expert in this pursuit. “So why blog, Kenzie?” might be the obvious question here. I’ll tell you why I came up with this little endeavor….

Day in and day out I work in a position where I have boundaries about what I can and cannot condone, as far as nutrition practices. I can totally respect those parameters for 8 hours, but aside from that, I need an outlet. I didn’t stomach 6 years of college, a year long unpaid internship, and a hefty licensing exam to not be able to exercise my education to a degree of passion. So here I am, reaching out through portals of technology to talk about the topic that lead me to the title “Mekenzie Riley, MS, RD” in the first place ….the combination or sports and nutrition.

For those of you whom aren’t friends, family, or a distant creeper, you may not know much about me, but you probably gather a few things: 1. “She’s a dietitian” 2. “She really love sports….especially that CrossFit stuff” and 3. “I’m not sure she does anything else beside be a dietitian and workout…” So, just to set the record straight: 1. Yes I am a dietitian, but as I mentioned, I’m making a move to work in the realm of nutrition I am passionate about….and this makes me excited. Because…2. I really do love sports, and like any other CrossFitter am pretty smitten with the sport. Some say its a cult…whatever, I’m not going to argue, but I will say it has lent itself nicely to experimenting in my ongoing interest in sport nutrition. Also, it turns out, I’m kinda okay at the sport and am pretty determined to be successful at a competitive level.  Lastly, 3. I actually do have other interests in life outside of food and fitness, and lucky you, you’ll get to read all bout the random extras of my life through the enthralling posts that will proceed this VERY FIRST EVER entry 🙂

But  heads up, SPOILER ALERT: this blog will center around fitness and food for the most part, but in a very real sense (note the title and tag line). “Keepin it real” is a lost art that I try and maintain through daily practice. I don’t do well with complication and intricate workings. I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of girl, just ask the mirror as it stares back at my messy bun wearing, non make-upd face on the daily. I feel drama and detail is exhausting and unnecessary; “No Muss, No Fuss” is what I’m talkin about!

So what EXACTLY is going on in this here blog? Answer: A WHOLE LOT OF REALNESS!

REAL food: nutritious, delicious, easy to make, easy to love, “good for you because it’s from the earth,”  mostly Primal kind of food. I’ll share recipes, resources, information, and personal dietary behaviors and experiences straight from the life of Kenzie.


REAL fitness: I wont make you drink the CrossFit Kool-Aid, but I will talk about the innumerable glorious concepts that surround the philosophy of the sport (strength, mobility, endurance, etc) and the benefits associated with them (ripped up bods and LONGEVITY.) If you’re lucky I’ll interject highlights of my training and the physical challenges I subject myself to day to day.


REAL freakin’ awesome: I’m a laid back kind of girl. Yeah, I’m knowledgeable on the aforementioned subjects and you can take me seriously when those matters are at hand….but beyond that…please, just laugh at me. At life. Its the only way to survive. Not being shy, making underhanded sarcastic remarks, or responding without a filter on my thoughts are some attributes people close to me have come to “love” (aka “deal with”). So my personal anecdotes might aid in the “appeal” factor and keep you coming back to read. What can I say? I’m a straight shooter. I keep things interesting.


I keep things real.


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