A Day in the Life of Kenzie’s Belly

A week ago I posted a link to an article on my Facebook page in which a random Registered Dietitian posted a photo log of her day’s food intake. I also may or may not have made comments about it being less than stellar and not MY interpretation of a healthy diet.

SIDEBAR: that’s what scares the crap outta me these days- people out there, with the initials that qualify them as “nutrition professionals” who are practicing less than ideal concepts day to day and telling others to do the same. I’m not sure if they are uneducated, scared to open their minds to another school of thought, or just old timey and unwilling to change their outdated AF 1900’s understanding of nutrients and the human body.

I will be the first to say I definitely do NOT believe I KNOW EVERYTHING and that MY WAY IS NOT THE ONLY WAY, I do believe a few certain principles:

  • processed food isn’t a platform for overall health no matter how “all natural” it is
  • artificially sweetened diet foods are effing horrible for you and should never be encouraged
  • limiting protein/red meat isn’t anything anyone truly needs to worry about because under eating protein is a far worse issue than consuming fat and cholesterol

So while I think these are the major differences in what I view as healthy vs what a traditional RD views as healthy, everyone is different and “que sera sera.” However, I was asked for MY TAKE on what a day’s intake SHOULD look like, and I never back down from a challenge (or deny a request.)

Let me preface my food log with this…THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. THIS ISN’T THE ANSWER TO YOUR DIET WOES. This is what works for ME. I’m going to venture to guess my nutrient needs are a smidgen higher than the typical American female…most likely higher than that unsuspecting, food logging RD. I have different aesthetic goals, different activity levels, and a different body composition, not to mention different metabolism, hormonal status, age, etc. All of that matters. But bottom line, what you will notice…I am JERFing the hell out of my food. 90% of what I eat is real, wholesome food. And that, my friends is what I find vastly different from what you will read below and this.

7am – PreWorkout- Breakfast

image2 (2)

  • ½ cup old fashioned oatmeal + ½ cup berries + 1 T almond butter
  • Coffee with 1 scoop why isolate protein

Heading out to a 3 hour training session (didn’t have time to do 2 sessions today so jammed it all into one mega session) I don’t eat a ton going in, but a little bit of all 3 – protein, carb, and fat- to get me goin. Oh, and the coffee…of course. No bulletproof this morning, as I don’t want #allthefat going into a training session.

9:30am – IntraWorkout Shake

image3 (2)

  • 1 scoop BCAAs + 1 scoop Creatine/HMB + ½ scoop Karbolyn


When I train for these extended sessions I dip into my magical bag of supps to keep me fueled, not broken down, and recovering to make sure I can get through it all like a champ. BCAAs and Karbolyn are awesome fuel for su

ch a situation. And creatine….well, when you lift heavy weight daily…you gotta.

11:30pm- Lunch


  • 4 oz pork loin + ½ cup apples + 5 oz sweet potatoes (crockpotted together- SOOOO GOOD)


God bless cork pots because after making a bee line from the gym, the second I walked in the door I dished this up and chowed down.

I literally had no idea what I was doing when I made this, but damn did it turn out good!


(hence the face)

The apple and sweet potato combo was perfect for post workout glycogen replenishment- I hit a big dose of carbs after training sessions to refuel those stores for the next one.

2:30pm- Snack

image1 (3)

  • 1 egg + ½ cup egg whites + 1 cup kale, toasted + 1 slice Ezekiel bread + 1 T Kerrygold


I eat eggs every day. For a meal, for a snack, whatever. And while egg whites are a processed carton of goo, they are amazingly helpful at increasing protein intake without maxing out fat. Ive also really been into toasting kale and putting it on top of my food lately…really amps up the texture and charredness factor.

Also, grassfed butter is soooo good. I ain’t about dat lowfat lyfe with the “it’s not really butter” stuff or the “let’s pretend to look like butter but really be oil” products. Do yourself a favor, get some Kerrygold. STAT.

4pm – Snack while out running errands


  • 1 Questbar (chocolate, naturally) + sparkling water

I can’t even lie…I have a horrible sweet tooth. I definitely eat my share of chocolate, cookies, ice cream, you name it. But I will use everything in my power to limit those occasions and Questbars are one such tool I implement here. Yes, processed and containing some sucralose, I get 20g of protein and hella fiber instead of all the caramel, nougat and chocolate I’d be consuming otherwise.

And sparkling water is my new favorite distraction from “bored munchies”…. I get those, and having this in hand stomps it out.

7pm- Dinner


  • 4 oz top sirlion + 1 cup broccoli / peppers + ½ cup white rice

Mmmmmm steak. One of the leanest cuts of steak. And Im not one to support the steroptype that a healthy meal looks like chicken, rice and broccoli…because that is indeed a death sentence and food bordom will strike immediately. I just happen to love rice and broccoli, so I do eat it a lot. But I also love aparagus or brussle sprouts…just depends what CostCo had that week.

9pm- Bedtime snack

image4 (2)

  • 2 scoop Progenex Cocoon

I’ve been using this product for several months now and I really believe it helps me sleep soundly. A casein protein shake is the concept here…a slow digesting protein to help you recover while you sleep. I also add some magnesium powder to it so I sleep reeeal dead like.

Sometimes I’ll eat a bowl of Rice Krispies or more oatmeal if I’m feeling extra famished, but typically this is a day in the life of Kenzie’s belly. In case ya’ll have ever wondered. Not every day is the same, sometimes my schedule is different and sometimes I want pizza or cookies…but in the end this is what makes me feel good, perform well and keep me functioning day to day in this abnormally active life I lead. If you want some input on how to charge up your day to day food life, get at me!


Seeing is Believing

This blog is comin straight at you from the WEST COAST, yall. That’s right – a true first for KR^2. As I sit people watching in an LAX terminal I recognize I’ve been blessed with time to kill…which is kind of epic in itself. I guess I have my hyper vigilant, slightly paranoid husband to thank for that. This dude believes if you aren’t 327 hours early, you’re late. I can love and appreciate this endearing trait until we are leaving at 5:30am for a 10am flight. Srsly bro? For the first time in my life I have visible bags under my eyes…needless to say we went 20 hard in Cali for the past six days. What’s messed up is it literally feels like it’s been three days. I guess the holy grail of fitness for time in real life has a way of blurring together and it’s like you completely black out from life for four days as you’re engulfed in the culmination of a year of competitive exercise coming to a head. For those that don’t know what I’m referencing here…I’m talking about THE Reebok CrossFit Games. Held once a year in Carson, California, this is like The Super Bowl, The World Series, or The Olympics (choose your preferred reference) of the sport of competitive CrossFit rolled into four days worth of workouts where, at the end of the weekend, they crown the fittest in the world. If it sounds whacked out…it’s because it is.

Of course those that participate in CrossFit of any fashion will appreciate this event more than others, however if it’s entertaining enough to make ESPN prime time broadcast, it must be legit, right? So you see it on TV and you think, “ These peeps be super fit. Shit! Just look at them!” or perhaps you’re more of the “Ew gross, look at her (amazing) traps…WOOF (damn, I’m jealous!)” Either way, you can tell there is obviously some legit preparation and training involved and it’s a sporting event of sorts. But it’s truly so much more. Especially if you have aspirations of competing in the sport- this is an experience I cannot underline more as EDUCATIONAL, MOTIVATIONAL and ADVANTAGEOUS in your journey.

At the cost of slight restlessness, sitting and watching the fittest people in the world throw down against each other all the while knowing there should be a jersey reading ‘Team Rollins’ and I should be wearing it, I still looked forward to spectating The Games this year…and I’ll tell you why.


I believe there is a certain advantage to surveying the situation. Being in the element, seeing how it all goes down, observing other competitor’s methods/strategies, and visualizing yourself in that position. To be at that level you have to know what that level is…and this is about as close to understanding it as it gets. Seeing these athletes as your FELLOW competitors, rather than super humans that leave you star struck and asking for autographs. Believing you can stand up to these same tasks and rise above the challenges just as well as those on the field. Talking to as many people as you can that are connected to the biggest community in fitness and getting networked with people that can help you become the athlete you want to be, whether it’s potential training partners, health professionals, or sponsors…you never know where a conversation will lead you in this environment. These are the things I had in the back of my mind as I walked through the gates of The Stub Hub Center last week.

image1 (2)

Yes it’s about supporting the sport I love and having a summer get away with my hubby, but it’s also a certain portion of training for me – part of my process in pursuing AND ACHIEVING my goals. I highly encourage anyone who wants to embark on the path of being a competitor (no matter what sport) to take in an event of high stakes- learn from the best and believe you can be the best! Seeing it go down makes it all that more of a reality. If nothing else it will light a raging fire within in you to push harder towards your goals….

Speaking of, is it time to work out yet? I feel like this impending jetlag will easily be remedied by a barbell…

I Never Lose…

There is a saying I have come to truly appreciate in this life…and it continues to ring true time after time.

Damn I love this.

If you know much about me or have followed this blog at all, it’s probably no secret to you that I am a person of large faith and little fear. I subscribe to a life of living out loud, jumping with both feet, and believing all things are possible. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean all endeavors are successful or that everything goes according to plan. In fact, 9 times out of 10 things DON’T go as planned. My life is a true testament to that; there’s no such thing as a sure thing. I won’t get on my soapbox about perspective and how “it’s all how you choose to look at it,” because I’ve tired that topic out already. I learned everything I know from Leslie Knope’s campaign Spin Team… #dreamjob.

One’s ability to keep your shit together, reassess, adapt and keep moving forward is truly a skill set. Handling setback, or “dramatic twists” as I prefer to call them (SPIN TEAM!), with grace and poise, finding silver linings, and playing off positives of the situation isn’t a God given tendency. Practicing positivity and “big picture thinking” regularly is the only way to hone this mentality.

That being said, I’m a woman filled with emotions and I can’t help but like to throw a raging pity party from time to time. What can I say, the feelz get me sometimes. The good news is, my parties are OFF DA CHAIN! Not sure if that’s good or bad in this situation, but hey, if you’re gonna go, go big! Amiright?!

So, a captain obvious move here, in regards to the pursuit of proving fitness, I think anyone reading this knows that happened at this year’s CrossFit Games regional event. Uncontrollable circumstances, unforeseen outcomes, and to be quite honest, shitty frustration and flat out anger in lacking power over any of the situation. Needless to expound on the devastation, I think anyone who’s ever been passionate or dedicated to anything know the amount of work and sacrifice it takes to be the best. Which is what Team Rollins was – proven through two days of competition at the Central Regional.

I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the foundation we laid as an emerging “team to watch”…the performance we displayed was top tier and we proved we can stand amongst the best. The tragedy and obstacles that have befallen us have been hard to accept, but by no means are keeping us down. We didn’t win, we didn’t lose…we have learned. Learned how to hold our heads high and keep moving forward with fire in our bellies. Needless to say, shits about to get real in 2016…

In conjunction with this downfall of the “fitness plan” I was banking on for the summer of 2015 (again, just so proves A SURE THING is a MYTH) some other less than ideal shifts have been made to accommodate the beauty that is life ever changing.

A door never closes without a window opening. Every experience we have, whether positive or negative, provides us a new opportunity to build upon.


Many changes on the horizon for my lifestyle in regards to my career as an entrepreneur, my career as a CrossFit athlete, my role as a supportive wife, my identity as an Illinois resident, and my being a child of God put on this planet to live life for the adventure that it is. Yall are gonna wanna stay tuned. Just when you thought “maybe this girl will finally take a seat and chill the eff out” …GUESS AGAIN!

Whether in business, on the playing field, under the roof of my home, behind the screen of this computer (I’ve GOT to get a handle on this entry schedule –insert wide eyed smiley emoji here-) … Never a fail, never a loss…always just learning, growing and evolving in all ways possible!

A Movin’ and A Shakin’

So, there once was a time when I had this blog…and I was really pretty solid at keeping it current…and I liked it and it liked me. Then this thing called life got a little out of control and the ol’ bloggity blog had to take a backseat for a minute. By back seat I mean completely neglected…and by a minute, I mean four months. Let’s just say if one day I parent like I maintain a blog…DCFS will no doubt have my number (big eyed smiley emoji.) So, I make the decision to get back in the typing publicly on the world wide web saddle and my one reservation is confirmed. Per usual Kenzie, having way too many options is one of the few things that bring me anxiety. And did you know, in Kenzie-neese “extremely overwhelmed” actually translates to “eff it”? Yup it sure does. So, my 5738 possible blog inclusions have landed me nowhere. Cue that Alanis Morsette jam we all know and love…

I guess the best way to tackle such a massive load of unloading is to try and condense all the little bits and pieces into one large overarching summary with a common theme…easier said than done. However, without divulging all the nitty gritty details of my interwebz absence, I think it’s safe to say, most people reading this are aware of the sizable changes that have forced my life into a whirlwind (of awesomeness) the past few months….

  • The Parks and Rec series finale *tear*
  • The invention of Red Velvet Oreos
  • The Nae Nae and Dee Low Shuffle…(if you don’t know what that is, marry an inner city school teacher)


Okay, maybe not these entirely, but seriously…these things have been pretty epic happenings in 2015.

I guess more so the quitting my job, starting my own business, relocating, training with a new team at a new gym and starting a new adventure in a new state, making new friends and laying the foundation for an awesome future for me and da hubs are the bulkier of the recent events I’m referring to. BUT ALL OF EQUAL IMPORTANCE (RIP Pawnee Parks Department- gone but never forgotten.)

Despite the immense amount of adaptation and inconvenience these changes have forced upon Roy and I’s life the past months, we have made them with excitement and conviction, never second guessing ourselves. Trusting in The Plan, taking life as it come, and grabbing opportunity as it presents itself- we know we are where we are meant to be, doing what we are meant to be doing and we ARE SO READY TO ROCK IT OUT HARD! In this one trip around the sun, we only get to experience a small fraction of a fraction of what this amazing world has to offer. We are all about taking life to the next level, leaning on each other, supporting each other and seeing what adventures we can have.


I thrive on change and being uncomfortable- I am a HUGE believer in getting outside your comfort zone, as I’ve made clear in the past. Personally, I like to set up camp there and see what kind of fun I can have, how much I can learn and how much I can grow. If you never go there, you become stagnant, life becomes dull…and I’m not about to waste this ONE life. Like we all know…you only #YOLO once

(if you don’t get that reference…I’m sad for you)


Eff It In 2015

It’s 2015 ya’ll. Which means it’s 15 years since the millennial year in which we thought Y2K was going to ruin the world (congrats, we made it!)…which means it’s been 15 years since I was in 7th grade sporting braces and a flat chest…which means I’m getting seriously old. Wow, I just had a serious moment of depression as I typed out that thought. Damn. So, I might be one more year decrepit, but I like to think I’m at least getting wiser. As I sit here and reflect upon this blank entry page I have consciously decided NOT to write about the cliché New Year Resolutions, inspiring everyone to start fresh and new and shoot for the stars! Yup, that’s right, I’m NOT going there because this one year wiser gal has some wise light to shine on life.

While I’m all about setting goals, challenging myself, and constantly working toward self-improvement, sometimes, I think this mentality can rob us of enjoying any progress we have made or celebrating any victories we have achieved. And then there is the constant pursuit for acceptance and approval from others (that so many of us will deny we are even affected by) that constantly has us thinking we need to be better or change something more.

So to hell with resolutions, this year I’ll be sticking to a new framework.

Welcome to my Eff It list. Six things I’m going to stop giving a f*%! about in 2015. Because, as important as it is to push yourself to be a healthier, more compassionate, better person, that can be more stressful and ACTUALLY make you feel like a failure and overall worse person. Refusing to give an eff, however, can sometimes be a struggle (change is hard) but it tends to be way more fun — it’s kind of awesome.


So here it is, eff all these things in 2015.

  1. Swearing

The last week of 2014 I said many times that I’m going to stop with the potty mouth in the new year. Then I decided “eh, not so much.” Get this-I used to NEVER cuss, up through college I was quite the straight edger. Then I started spending more time with my little sister (sorry, Les.) Believe it or not, I’m not a huge fan of constant vulgarities either. That being said, some situations simply call for foul language. Plus, when you spend a lot of time slamming barbells with heavy weight…it’s hard to avoid. What’s more, studies have shown that people who swear are actually more trustworthy and honest. BOOM!

  1. Being more lady like

I’ve said it time and time again, I have no real filter. Aside from the aforementioned swearing, I have a hard time being proper and classy through more than just words, but also appearance, action and demeanor. However, I’m married, landed the dude of my dreams – I’ve done the impossible. Who else am I trying to impress? If squatting in a ditch, not wearing make-up constantly and believing in the 5 second rule is wrong…well I’m just not sure I can be right. Call me crazy, but I just don’t see the clear advantage of being high maintenance.

  1. Numbers

Every athlete says it… “I do this because I love it, not for the glory”…yeah, we all know that’s not 100% true. Everyone wants a win, a PR, a pay check…we all want to achieve the goals we set. But progress comes in many shapes and sizes. Just because you aren’t hitting the numbers you want in a training day, doesn’t mean it’s a wasted day. You will always get fitter by doing something vs doing nothing. Seeing each day as opportunity to move my body in ways some may never experience in a place surrounded by people I enjoy spending time with, rather than a daily test of my abilities, I’ll enjoy the sport much longer. And if nothing else, saying “eff the numbers” will allow more time for more nonsense and tomfoolery with my gym folk.

  1. Pleasing People, Being Accepted, Caring About Image…etc.

I like to think I’m somewhat bold, but I also am a moving target for guilt. I care too much about making people happy,  no matter if they are close to me or complete strangers. Being aware of feelings, considerate and understanding, yes, some of that is appropriate and necessary for being a polite, humane being. However, I’ve spent a great deal of time over my lifespan concerned with other peoples thoughts, feelings, judgments, and so on. Compromising in order to avoid confrontation, apologizing for doing no wrong, walking on eggshells, stifling my natural sarcasm to not make others feel weird- these are stressful situations! The fastest way to make yourself crazy? People pleasing.

This dude might be a pedophile, but he got that one right! In 26 years I’ve managed to surround myself with an accepting group of friends; people that understand my oddities and love me for them. So eff it.

  1. Looking Shredded

Everyone wants to be a hottie with a body, but that reality is about as elusive as a rainbow unicorn. Yeah, I DO work my ass off in training…and I DO eat the exact amount of the right foods that I should…you’d think I’d be all rippling and single digit body fatted. But if we are being honest, I’m not fat, I can lift moderately heavy weight and move my ass moderately fast…so that’s just going to be enough for me. As long as I’m performing well, I’m probably going to eat the cookies and pizza from time to time…or if we are being honest, a little bit of chocolate every day. Would it be awesome to look like a figure model? Hell yeah it would! But, to do high intensity functional fitness like I do and remain ‘natty’ in the process…the extra cushion for the pushin’ will be tolerated. Plus, life becomes sad when you can’t eat the yummy food. And I want to be happy.

  1. Second Guessing

I made a previous post about some inspirational wise words I received from one of my mentors. One of these points was about self-doubt…it’s self-abuse. Ain’t nobody got no time fo dat! While there is no such thing as a sure thing in life, there is such a thing as standing behind your decisions, having hella faith, and knowing that if you don’t believe in yourself then no one else will. The minute to put doubt in your mind, you give way to the spiral of “what if”s  and “yeah, but”s …which is exhausting. So, to hell with on the fence, lukewarm, indecisiveness. This year I’m sacking up and trusting my gut and my abilities. No ragrets. It’s all about having #faithgreaterthanfear.

Happy New Year.

May you give as few fucks as I do in 2015.